Data Diode

Need a smart, low-cost, and effective solution to secure your industrial control system? Look no further than the data diode.

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) play an integral role in a multitude of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and natural gas, discrete manufacturing, and water and wastewater, and encompass several types of control systems often found in industrial sectors and critical infrastructure such as SCADA, DCS, and PLCs. An ICS usually consists of a combination of multiple control elements working together to achieve an industrial objective. Initially ICS were isolated entities, each running their own proprietary control protocols and incorporating unique hardware and software components, thus minimizing the need for network security. Fast forward to the modern age of mass interconnectivity and more and more ICS are being upgraded with low-cost Ethernet and Internet Protocol devices. While allowing for greater operator oversight and accessibility, these interconnectivity solutions have also increased the possibility of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and incidents. With so many varying configurations of ICS, each with their own varying level of potential risk, and the wide adoption of interconnectivity solutions, there must be an ideal method for securing these vital systems. Enter the data diode.

The data diode is a hardware cybersecurity solution that allows for a secure, unidirectional exchange of information. To achieve this one-way data connection, data diodes create a physical barrier or “air gap” across which a send-only diode transmits information to a receive-only circuit. Unlike firewalls and other software-based security solutions, data diodes are simple to implement, configure, and maintain. Since data diodes rely on physics rather than software or programmable logic, online attacks on systems using data diodes are nearly impossible. Data diodes are a smart cybersecurity solution that maintains network integrity, increases network safety, and prevents intrusion and data leakage. With the increasing demand for ICS connectivity and the constant development of new forms of malware, data diodes are becoming an increasingly invaluable cybersecurity solution. Consider incorporating data diodes to increase the security of your ICS today!

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